Sir Caen Farstride


“As each morning is a new day, every moment can be a new life.”


Sir Caen Farstride is a well respected and beloved figure in the peaceful lands surrounding Okharis. For many years he has championed the cause of the poor and downtrodden of the region, earning himself a reputation for honesty and compassion. Caen is an ordained high Paladin of the Church of Lathandar, though he would be the first to admit his title means little compared to the magnitude of his God’s infinite graces.

Little is known of Caen’s formative years, though speculation abounds. Some say he was a mercenary, trading silver for blood. Others claim he was a farmer or even a travelling minstrel. Such theories seem to amuse good Sir Caen, who rarely speaks of his past. When the subject comes up, he politely changes it by insisting that those who boast of their deeds rarely have anything to boast about.

Caen is a man in the autumn of his life. Though physically fit and robust, his hair is streaked with gray and his hands lack the youthful strength they once possessed. Though the bearer of good humor and ever present optimism, there is a sadness in his eyes that belies the complexities roiling beneath the surface of a man content with simple, honest living.

The Crimson Dawn is almost as dear to Caen’s heart as his church. For over 20 years he has led the group ably, steering the company toward causes he believes to be just and worthy rather than lucrative. Because of this, the Crimson Dawn is well loved by the common people – so much so that members often complain of being unable to pay for food and lodging offered up by grateful people, often those helped by the group directly. Caen is very proud of the company he has built, and invites only those he believes possess a stout spirit and a capacity for true heroism.

Sir Caen Farstride

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