Duke Owen Beddifield

Lord Steward of Okharis


Duke Owen is a elderly noble who has ruled the city of Okharis for decades. His uncle Laeric Beddifield was the last Prince of Okharis, killed in the storied battle of Milestone Marsh. With the Alaesian conquest of Okharis all but certain, Owen led a group of the city’s nobles to negotiate a peaceful surrender of the city. Many stalwart partisans cursed him for a coward, but even those voices were silenced when the mighty Aleasian Legions arrived to set up a permanent garrison within Okharis. As a part of the bargain, Owen retained a symbolic position of authority within the city walls.

Over the last 50 years, Owen has gradually eroded the power of the Alaesian monarchy within Okharis. He is a skilled negotiator and many claim that he is a favorite of the gods. Whatever the source of his uncanny political acumen, Duke Beddifield is universally loved within the city. Once, it was common to hear whispers calling for Owen to reclaim the throne. These days, such views are often spoken aloud.

Duke Owen Beddifield

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