Brother Samuel

Brother Samuel is a Dawngreeter in the Church of Lathander, who trained Gabriel in the ways of unarmed combat.


“I train you so that even when all is stripped away, you are still a light in dark places.”

Samuel is a middle aged human of lithe build. His head is shaved as is the tradition of Lathander’s unarmed acolytes. He serves the church by training others in unarmed combat.


Brother Samuel joined the Church of Lathander at a young age. He has served in various roles from helping with many rites and rituals ro defending the church from marauders. He has found the most joy in training others in unarmed combat.

Samuel took a particular interest in Gabriel when he saw the strength in the young lad. Samuel’s decision to train him was solitified when he saw Gabriel dodge a kick from a horse that he was working with. Samuel knew that Gabriel could be a powerful asset as a defender for the church, though Samuel still encouraged him to continue his work in the stables because of the discipline and strength it would produce.

Brother Samuel

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