I hope for your sake, you listen before you feel my blade.


Dzydan tend to be a little rash at times. Rather impulsive in his speech, he’s talked his way into trouble on more than one occasion. Luckily he’s been able to talk his way out of trouble s lot, but sometimes, he has to rely on his rapier.


Dzydan was born in a typical elf community to quite a rich family. From an early age, Dzydan felt restless and uncomfortable at the life his parents wanted for him so when he was fairly young he run away from home in search of a purpose. Dzydan wandered for a while growing poorer all the time, until finally all he had was a necklace given to him by his mother which he wasn’t willing to part with due to their sentimental value.

One day, when Dzydan was looking for work several thugs saw the necklace Dzydan was hiding and demanded he give them over. Dzydan refused, and the thugs proceeded to draw daggers and other weapons intending to rob him. Dzydan ran like his life depended on it, eluding them for a minute or two but he began to grow tired due to hunger, and the thugs eventually cornered him in an alley.

Suddenly, an old man appeared seemingly from nowhere and called out to the thugs, “Leave this Boy be. This is not his time yet, and he is under my protection.” The thugs laughed ignoring him and continued to advance on Dzydan.

Then the old man, with a battle cry, drew his sword and charged the leader of the thugs and in mere moments dispatched him, and seconds later, the rest of the thugs were down. The old man turned to Dzydan and said, “I am Caen. You are searching for a purpose. I can give you this purpose, and much more, is will you come with me.”

After recovering from the shock of his sudden save, Dzydan agreed and followed Caen.

Caen housed Dzydan and had him trained to defend himself. Seeing the speed and cunning in the boy, he guided him towards fencing as a martial path. After a couple of years, Caen welcomed Dzydan into the Crimson Dawn. Taken aback by the diversity of the group, he’s not sure how to take some of them. The human, elves, and dwarves are easy enough to deal with, but he still has a hard time with some of the others. He especially enjoys torturing Gabe (Gabriel). Dzydan wonders sometimes what life would have been like if he had stayed in his forest home, but the shadows of the past fade quickly when adventure calls.


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