Gabe (Gabriel)

Gabe is a kind, hard-working half-orc who few would take notice of if not for his odd look. His skin is dark from doing manual labor and caring for the animals at the church. He is fairly disciplined in his ways.


“Me no mess with things me not understand…me not understand much.”

AGE: Unknown…early 20s?

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Gabe stands roughly 6 feet 1 inch tall. His medium build suggests that he is neither skinny nor fat. His dark skin is most likely from wind burn and sun exposure. His brown eyes have a kind look about them. His brown hair is very unkempt. He mostly wears “workclothes” which have patches and have become thread-bare in places over time. A Holy Symbol of Lathander hangs about his neck.


Few remember exactly how Gabe ended up in the church, but he’s been there since he was a young child. Being that the church of Lathander is about renewal, many of those in the church accepted him realizing that his lineage was not his fault.

He was raised as many in the church were, learning about Lathander and his ways. He was trained in religious rites and rituals, and taught to pray and sing hymns of praise. Very aware of his own appearance and ignorance, he worked hard to learn what he could. Hard work came easily to him, so chore time was actually some of his fondest memories because he could do that well. He was taken on as a farrier apprentice in the church stables, which suited him fine because, as he used to say, “The animals don’t stare at me.” He was also known for his charity giving out of the little that he had to those who had even less.

Sir Caen Farstride was always kind to Gabe and taught him that hard work would carry him a long way and no matter how dark the night, there will always be a dawn.

Gabe found a very unlikely friend in Michael. Those in the church would see the two playing when they were young and say things like, “who knew that dirt and water could mix with such harmony.”

When Gabriel was young, he didn’t have much. Brother Samuel saw strength in the young lad, and began training him. With training, Gabe has become a formadable fighter.

Having grown up in the churh of Lathander, Gabe knew about the Crimson Dawn adventuring group led by Sir Caen Farstride. He loved to sit and listen to the tales they would bring back from their missions. He was surprised when they asked him for help on a mission abuot 5 years back. Gabe helped the Crimson Dawn on a number of occasions before before being asked to join as a full member. Gabe joined the Crimson Dawn about 3 years ago, and on that day many embraced him as a friend.

3 months ago, a legend came into town. Gabe had always heard wonderful stories of the Greenshadow and was excited at the opportunity to meet him. The frail man that he met left Gabe a little sad on the inside. He was happy to meet a hero, but more and more realized that even heroes eventually lose their strength.

With Nolan came Quiggle, a very unlikely companion. Gabe decided that they would be friends since they were both so different from others who were around. Quiggle had a way for making Gabe laugh and helping him learn that different isn’t bad. Gabe had heard that all his life, but it seemed to have more meaning coming for Quiggle.

Gabe (Gabriel)

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