Sly, clever, and ever so sneaky, Quiggle still manages to charm. No mean feat for a goblin!


Male Goblin, Ranger 2

AC: 19 (Chain Shirt, Check Penalty -2) HP: 14

Initiative: +4 Fort.: +3 Ref.: +7 Will: +2

Small Battle Axe: +3 Atk./1d6 Dmg. (x3 Crit.) Small Longbow: +7 Atk./1d6 Dmg. (x3 Crit.)

Feats: Stealthy Track (ranger) Rapid Shot (ranger)

Skills: Climb* +5, Hide* +15, Knowledge(geography) +8, Listen +7, Move Silently* +15, Spot +7, Survival +7, Swim* +5, Use Rope +9 *Check Penalty Applies

Class Features: Favored Enemies (Human +2) Wild Empathy

Other Notes: Goblins get +2 Dex, -2 Str, -2 Cha Darkvision 60 feet +4 racial bonus to Move Silently and Ride Small Creature Favored Class: Rogue


Ever small and far too clever for his own good, Quiggle lived on the fringe of his tribe’s society (if such a word can adequately describe so brutal a culture). The Trook (Snow Raven) clan, though barbarous by human standards, was yet one of the man-tribes; goblins who acted with a modicum of civilization and culture, and who traded with men and dwarves.

One day, years ago, a group of wandering adventurers attacked the Trook settlement and slaughtered every goblin they could find. Quiggle, who was yet an imp, had been far from the village with his few friends trailing a pack of wargs. When the 4 young goblins returned to the village, they found its buildings burned-out hulks and its few survivors nailed to the largest trees.

Karrk, Rahd, and Dharreng, Quiggle’s companions, began to quarrel over who would become the new chieftain of the tribe. Quiggle tried to calm their tempers, but Rahd shoved him aside and knifed Dharreng in the belly. Karrk was quick to kowtow to the bigger and tougher Rahd, but Quiggle was too stunned to react. When Rahd turned his knife on Quiggle, the young goblin fled, never to return.

Despairing, exhausted, and wounded, Quiggle wandered the Ethwold without aim or purpose. At last, he stumbled upon the cottage of a human hermit and collapsed on the threshold. The dwelling’s owner woke the next morning only to find a starveling goblin on his doorstep! This man Nolan (once called the Greenshadow), instantly drew his dagger with intent to rid the world of another verminous goblin. But instead found himself lifting the tiny humanoid into a warm bed and nursing it back to health.

Within the few years that followed, Nolan began to realize that despite his curiously savage ways, Quiggle held a generous and gentle heart. And the solitary man also discovered that he desired companionship, no matter the incongruity of its manifestation. Quiggle proved grateful for the man’s aid, and useful in the field. Before he knew it, Nolan began to train his unlikely house guest in the arts of the Ranger.

Three months ago, Nolan, who was now quite advanced in years, collapsed while chopping a pile of logs. Quiggle ran to fetch Antarel, a Druid of the Wold. The old Ranger survived, but the stroke left him partially paralyzed and unable to care for himself any longer. After a lengthy discussion with the Druid, Nolan decided to relocate to Okharis, where he had more than a few friends and family. Not knowing what else to do, Quiggle tagged along.

In Okharis, the goblin found much distrust and disdain for his heritage, but also a bit of kindness. For one of Nolan’s old friends was Sir Caen Farstride, an important man, but one who saw past the feral features of the goblin to recognize the potential of Ranger Quiggle. Also, Gabe (Gabriel) took an instant liking to the quick-witted puck, and the two formed a fast friendship. But after three hours of searching one afternoon, Gabe learned to never play Hide-and-Seek with Quiggle again.


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